Museum Kurhaus / Kleef

Ewald Mataré Verzameling

a plotless horror movie

With works by Istanbul Queer Art Collective, Holly Childs & Gediminas Žygus, Sarah Margnetti, Tabita Rezaire, and Liv Schulman

Curated by Marie Sophie Beckmann and Julie Robiolle in the framework of Residence NRW⁺ with support by Museum Kurhaus Kleve.

As a feeling that seems to have permeated everything that used to be mundane, discomfort is still a culturally volatile, socially slippery sentiment. Keeping in mind the binding properties of affect, a plotless horror movie invites you to curiously and critically engage in discomfort. Taking the history of the Museum Kurhaus Kleve and the surrounding gardens as its starting point, the exhibition asks about this feeling’s past and ubiquitous presence, exploring discomfort as both an intimate feeling and collective situation. The five works commissioned for this exhibition include an installation in the halls of the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Bad by Sarah Margnetti, and four scores by Istanbul Queer Art Collective, Holly Childs & Gediminas Žygus, Tabita Rezaire, and Liv Schulman that are available online in text and audio format here.

The scores might be thought-provoking, healing, or teasing. They might invite imagination and speculation, and require one to leave one’s comfort zone, embrace moments of awkwardness, and accept that there is no immediate relief or no easy solution. Most likely, they will, in the best sense of the word, raise more questions than offer answers – and incidentally let us perceive the Museum Kurhaus Kleve and the surrounding garden landscape in a different way.

a plotles horror movie takes place within the framework of Residence NRW⁺, a practice-oriented scholarship program for particularly talented young artists and curators in the field of contemporary art based in Münster. The program is affiliated with the Kunsthalle Münster, an institution of the City of Münster, and is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Kunststiftung NRW and Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Arts Council.

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